Permission to be Blue

I love the occasional rainy day. It’s dark, it pulls you indoors, and it makes you think about your life. When you’re down, constant warm sunshine can feel intrusive; it’s a bright, sunshiney day! Get outside and move and smile! Hm…. I’ll pass, thanks.

“Blue Rain and New York,” by Chin h Shin

The Mamas and the Papas famously sang about escaping grey skies and cold, to head to safety and warmth in LA, soaking up the sun. The boys of Led Zeppelin long dreamed of waving goodbye to the constant drizzle of England and moving to California to write and play, and they did make it their home for several years (occasionally tearing up the Chateau Marmont). New York is not a city known for balance, per se; always working, always partying, never sleeping… While I couldn’t live in an ever-rainy city like Seattle, and I’m sure I could be happy in Los Angeles, the balance of weather in the northeast is perfect for me. Sometimes I want a dark day to match my mood. Sometimes I appreciate an excuse to stay cozy inside. Sometimes I want to have a good cry.

Rain gives you permission to be sad. Bright sunshine fights your mood, but rain lets you lean into it and process it. It doesn’t hurt your eyes to look outside, and the universe isn’t forcing you to keep your chin up. And when the sunshine does come back into your heart, you’ll truly appreciate the warmth.

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