On my first trip to Italy, visiting a new cafe every day was a priority for me, being an admitted coffee addict. When I ordered my first cappuccino (which you only drink in the morning), I immediately noticed the cool styling of the cup and saucer. Conical in shape, with a small, circular handle, I marveled at how something so simple could be so chic.

The espresso that started it all.

Coffee cups in the States tend to be large and bulbous, and our to-go cups (hard to find in Italy) can be as big and heavy as a clutch purse. Perhaps that’s due to our general culture of size, but there is something inherently elegant about drinking coffee out of a smaller,  classic Italian cafe cup, even if you fill it multiple times like I do. Placing the cup on its saucer with a demitasse spoon makes for the ideal presentation.


While having espresso and pignoli cookies at my local bakery, Fortunato Brothers, I was rambling to C about the cool factor of my Miscela d’Oro cup and saucer. A month later, one of my Christmas gifts from him was a set of four cups and saucers. I had completely forgotten about that conversation, so I was really impressed at how thoughtful the gift was. Now, whenever I have coffee at home, I typically reach for my Sicilian cup and saucer, instead of the punch bowl-sized college mug in my cabinet. Here are some of my favorite Italian coffee cups. They can often be purchased online, are pretty affordable, and definitely elevate your home coffee experience. Salute!

The small, rounded handle is ideal for holding a small, hot cup.
This rounded-square handle is a unique change.
Red on white makes a bold statement.
The elevated saucer makes a cohesive presentation.

(Images courtesy of each coffee company)

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